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Your step-by-step pathways towards getting your Chartership

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Why to Be a Chartered Engineer (CEng)?

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Understand what makes a good engineer and learn the basics for your accreditation journey.

Get a step-by-step guide to easily navigate the registration process.

Master showcasing your education in a way that matters for your career.

Explore essential qualities for becoming a successful engineer.

Know how your work journey adds up to your engineering qualifications.

Learn about the review process, from start to finish.

Develop essential writing skills for your engineering tasks.

Find out how to stand out in your applications with your unique strengths.

Use real-world examples and materials to make learning practical.

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Bonus on The Course

  • Full course slides -PDF
  • Career appraisal report Example
  • Professional review Report Example
  • CPD Report Example
  • Professional review presentation
  • Professional Review checklist
  • How to write with examples.  
  • Quiz to increase your understanding.
  • Written exercise questions examples.
  • Professional Interview questions examples.
  • Tips and advice from previous chartered
  •  Access to Bonus Materials
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