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What will you get from the course?

This course provides step by step pathway towards achieving Chartered Professional Engineer (CPENG) status from Engineers Australia (EA). This course has been developed by Engineers who have approved mentors from professional institutes, and it was set with their aim to share their knowledge, experiences and wisdom to help and support others heading towards their Professional Qualifications.

This course also gives you the main requirements in the preparation of your 16 competencies and the best typing of your professional report. it will also help you avoid common mistakes while preparing and submitting your docs.

The course also will give you free consultation during your preparation journey and a free checklist review for your documents before submission.

What is included in the course?

  • Understand the importance of the chartered engineer license.
  • Understand what mean by professional accreditation
  • Know what the best professional grade matches with your experience.
  • Learn how to make the Competency assessment level 1- CDR.
  • Learn how to make the Competency assessment level 2- CPEng.
  • Learn how to prepare your professional review report.
  • Learn how to prepare your CPD record.
  • Learn how to prepare yourself for the review day.
  • Learn how to prepare a professional presentation for the interview.
  • Learn how to increase the probability of your success.
  • Learn what are the common mistake during your preparation and submission.

The subscriptions, services and products enable us to reinvest in this website to provide the best independent advice for those budding engineers seeking to be professionally qualified with the EA.

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Course Content

Chapter 1: Introduction to CDR Course

  • Introduction to the course
  • What you will get from this course
  • Why you need to be Professional Engineer in Australia
  • Roles of professional engineer in Australia

Chapter 2: CDR Competency Demonstration Report Requirements

Chapter 3: Write a Successful CDR ?

Chapter 4: CDR Plagiarism and Common Mistakes

Chapter 5: CDR Professional Review

Next Step to be Chartered Engineer

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12 months ago
Very Informative course. Thank you